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Redbud Garden Club —Beavercreek, Ohio

The Fastest Growing Garden Club in Greene Co.

Redbud Garden Club, in Beavercreek, is the fastest growing garden club in Greene County, Ohio.

Currently with 35 active adult members of all ages, members have fun learning about and doing garden-related activities with others while contributing to the goals of the organization.

A "Typical" Meeting

Our past programs have been quite varied -- everything from:

  • meeting in members' homes to listen to local gardening experts or plan a flower show

  • meeting at local garden centers for hands-on flower arranging

  • exploring the world by touring local gardens or going on overnight trips to national garden shows.

Need a Speaker?

Members of Redbud are out-of-the-ordinary. They each bring skills to share that make our organization vibrant with life!

We have accredited flower show judges, officers of state garden associations, accredited master gardeners, subject matter experts, and experienced gardeners who love to share what they have learned.

If you need a speaker for a garden-related topic, contact us.

Fun Thing to Share

x 160th (2012) Montgomery County Fair (Dayton, OH) 

Member Testimonials

"I was looking for a friendly group of women who were not afraid to get their hands dirty yet liked to put on teas with all of the trimmings -- just to celebrate life.  Redbud has exceeded my expectations.  The rest is history."
Mary Johnson
21 year member